Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's all about days filled with Color

To me working with glass and beads for that matter is like playing with color.  Each day I wake up to spend my days thinking of and working with color.  Being a visual person and one that is passionate about color I surround myself with lots of colorful inspiration to fuel my design process and keep me excited throughout my day.  Magazines and catalogs inspire me as well as does reading online about interior design, paint and fabric trends. 

According to The Color Marketing Group, the leading international organization of color design professionals the new hot color for Spring and Summer 2010 is Barefootin'.   A rich shade of sand that you would find in Spain or even Maine beaches with a warm terra cotta tint to it.  It is described by the President of CMG as a new color infused neutral.  The vivacious color orange, has taken a step back to soothe a weary psyche but without being dull. I am inspired by  all the shades of orange from burnt orange to pale peach because they are all found in nature.

Fla Keys Sunset
Crested Butte, Colorado
The Tropics Necklace from the Island Style Collection Nancy Yuskaitis Jewelry
I've enjoyed my experience with the color orange this summer and one of my favorite tops, a vivid orange with a pretty muted gold trim receives lots of complements each time I wear it.  I've since moved on to a reddish brown on my toes but enjoyed my previous pedicure and the shade of bright orange was really fun with my fancy brown fit flops. I love designing orange glass jewelry and most woman are quite striking with a pop of a highly energized orange necklace or earrings. I always enjoy an orange sunset in the tropics or in the mountains and orange poppies and hibiscus are equally gorgeous.

Additional Color Trends for this year which are paired with neutrals are
Red; A bright Red Pink filled with energy and excitement
Yellow; A natural Green Yellow to pair with gray
Green; An uplifting clear and bright Green Blue
Blue; A saturated Blue Gray
Beige-Brown; to complement darker shades
Gray; A mineral Lavender Gray or Steel Gray

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