Wednesday, June 30, 2010

High Altitude Art

As I prepare for the summer art season in Colorado I admit I must step up my habit of list making or relatively important things may be overlooked.  It helps me to remain calm yet productive when the intensity ramps up, it also encourages restful not sleepless nights trying to recall all the business details awaiting me the next day and it harnesses the the creative energy that flows through me at this time of year, instead of letting it just flitter by.

Although island living fuels my design process and enriches my jewelry with intense color and tropical flavor, it's the summertime living high up in the mountains that opens me up and excites the passion in me to create art jewelry and to write.  Last summer after a series of rolfing sessions from our wonderful local rolfer, Susan Marrion I could not stop writing.  I must have expressed about 10,000 words about my life and drafted several children's books which I hope to finish one day soon.

So far this summer I have new and re-orders to fill for Florida and Colorado gift shops and gallery's including one that I'm totally thrilled about.  Soon will be selling a few of my jewelry items.  I'll keep you posted when it goes live.  I am also preparing for several shows starting this weekend including, July 3rd - ART-rageous - A Day of Art at the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte, Colorado, AWEfest and the CB Farmer's Market and I am looking forward to an inspired high mountain summer.

Celebrate creativity in all forms!  What creative projects have you been immersed in this summer, I'd love to hear about them?  Wishing you a creatively abundant summer!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Joyful Spring

After spending some time reflecting over the reasons why I have not written on my blog during the last month,  I found that it's because time is just flying by too quickly.  I am one to appreciate and savor the special times as most are one-of-a-kind moments in time that I just don't want to miss.  I can easily stay in the moment to enjoy the out of the ordinary experiences with friends or family and soak it all in.  In the last month there has been so many wonderful experiences to enjoy with days of artwork mixed in but I miss the writing time too.  I have captured most of the events with my camera for later use and enjoyment and I hope time slows a little this summer to allow time to create new art and catch my breath.  I've recently had a reminder that life is so precious...must be savored and can take a turn so quickly and unexpectedly.  Wishing you the enjoyment of special times with family and friends and a wonderful summertime.