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Best of Taos 2012

Best of Taos 2012
The Land of Enchantment

During a recent trip to New Mexico 
I received several requests for suggestions on planning
a vacation to Taos.

Since this was my first visit in the summertime I really  
 enjoyed the bright light and palette Taos is so well known for.

Last fall we took a road trip to New Mexico to 
attend the Big Barn Dance Music Festival at the Old Blinking Light in Taos
 for the weekend and it was wonderful but it rained or was cloudy
 during our stay so this trip was especially enjoyable.

 We found the people to be very friendly and the scenery 
 fascinating with adobe buildings accented with bright turquoise
and desert landscaping. We enjoyed the food, flavor, shopping, music and art
scene in Taos and enthusiastically recommend a trip to this beautiful small town.

~The Adobe Inn was our favorite spot for dinner, drinks and live music in the bar, on the patio or at Doc Martin's Restaurant.

~Loved the fresh Cowboy Buddha Margarita

~We enjoyed the charm of "Old Taos" staying at the Taos Lodging Casita's.

Live a Colorful Life,

The following is taken from The Best of Taos 2012

Best Restaurant:
 (1st Place) Graham's Grill
(2nd Place) Lambert's of Taos

Best Brunch: 
(1st Place) Graham's Grill
(2nd Place) Dragonfly Cafe and Bakery

Best New Mex:
(1st Place) Orlando's New Mexican Cafe
(2nd Place) Ranchos Plaza Grill

The Adobe Bar at the Historic Taos Inn is considered 
"The Living Room of Taos since 1936."  
This year it was voted the Best Live Music Venue, Best Happy Hour, 
Best Bar, Best Patio, Best Margarita, Best Lodging (2nd place).
 Offering free live music seven nights a week.

 The Best Beer selection is available at 
(1st Place) Eske's Brew Pub 
(2nd) Taos Ale House 

Best Burger:
(1st Place) Five Star Burger
(2nd Place) Blake's Lotaburger

Best Bookstore:
(1st Place) Moby Dickens Bookshop
(2nd Place) The Brodsky Bookshop

Best Lodging:
(1st Place) El Monte Sagrado
(2nd Place) The Historic Taos Inn 

Best Cuppa Joe:
(1st Place) Taos Java

New Watering Hole:
El Camino Cantina

New Beverage:
A Snowmelt Margarita;a freshly blended margarita atop a frothy beer

You know you are in Taos when ...
Cars going in opposite directions stop and chat and no one honks.
Your car is so dirty you forgot what color it is.
Every waitress has a tattoo.
Everyone welcomes and accepts you for who you are not what you do.
You notice that a stop sign is only a suggestion.
It's 8PM and everything is closed.

Glossary of Architectural Details:
Adobe: a brick of dried earth & clay
Coyote Fence: surrounds many homes usually made from aspen or cedar trees
Viga: horizontal roof beam made of logs protruding from the side of house
Nicho: a built-in shelf cut into an adobe or stucco wall
Banco: a small bench that gracefully emerges from adobe walls
Casita: a small house, usually a guest house
Kiva: a ceremonial room, rounded and partially underground
Kiva Fireplace: a corner fireplace whose round form resembles a kiva
Portal: a large covered area adjacent to the house
Pueblo Revival: homes modeled after the SW Pueblo Indians, cube or rectangular shaped.

                  ~"Taos is a funky place and this sort of architecture supports funky."
                                                                                              ~Joan Duncan

Life at a Higher Level
Elevation: 6,967 feet
Taos Ski Valley: 9,207 feet
Population: 5,545

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner at this outdoor cafe

New Stuff ~ Old Stuff ~ Stuff You Need

Friendly food vendor by the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Love these block prints and enjoyed meeting the artist. 
We brought home a turquoise Zia print.
Earthship Biotecture

Earthship Biotecture

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