Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Southwestern Adobe Style

It only took a few days during my first visit to Taos to fall in love 
with the town and it's palette of adobe and turquoise.

I fell so in love with these warm yet vibrant tones that I am 
painting the living room and kitchen of our mountain home in these
beautiful shades.  The painting starts tomorrow and I am excited
 to update the look and feel of our home and appreciate the new
 atmosphere it evokes.

I love color...that's apparent in my jewelry design and in my home, 
whether it be an island beach house in tropical lime, aquamarine
 and cobalt blue or a western mountain cottage with rustic wood, tile
and lots of local art including paintings, photographs and ceramics.    

This time I am making the move from a happy yellow gold shade
 that I contrasted with a deep plum with lots of white trim including
 a white staircase, dark wood floors and furniture in leather
 and copper. Although this color scheme was enjoyed for quite a 
few years it was time for a change at least in wall color.  

I will post pic's next week after the transformation  
 inspired by our vacation and these photo's and look forward to 
hearing your comments and opinions.

Wishing you a Colorful Life,

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  1. HI Nancy - following you back! Nice to meet you -
    Love the Taos photos - I haven't been and it's on my 'bucket list' - looks like you had a wonderful time

    I've got to check out your jewelry!!!

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

    beachside cottage


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