Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seaside Sunsets in the Florida Keys

Sunsets in the Florida Keys are a gorgeous ending to a beautiful day.
Each one is more unique than the day before and each one calls for a celebration.
I love sitting on the back dock toasting the sunset as it falls into the ocean giving the sky a burst of color in shades of peach, persimmon, mango and conch shell pink.  These photo's are some of my favorites taken over the last year or so in the lower Keys and
 Key West.  I hope you enjoy the beauty and delightful surprise that calls to me each evening whenever possible to experience this true gift.
Wishing you sunset delight,


  1. Florida sunsets are spectacular! Thanks for sharing the Keys with us Nancy!

  2. Thanks Della, I'm happy to do so!
    Live a Colorful Life,

  3. Wpw - these are amazing! Do you live in the Lower Keys? I have a house in Summerland. I love it down here.


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