Friday, October 29, 2010

Living on an Island

Late October is such a busy time in Key West with part-time residents like us returning for another dose of a lifestyle much like any other where the weather is sultry, the ocean is clear aquamarine, the sky is blue and the coconut trees sway in the breeze.  But this island is different in October when thousands arrive to celebrate Fantasy Fest 2010 with more than a week of sexy events and zany creativity expressed in every corner of the island.

The Habitat for Insanity theme offers masquerade marches, a street fair, toga party, red party, a green party, party in plaid, a pajama party, a vampire ball, wet t-shirt contests, a white lace/black light party, a pet masquerade and lots of body painted costumes roaming around everywhere.  The festival's biggest event is a Capt Morgan Fantasy Fest Parade which boasts 60 wildly crazy floats and 70,000 excited people there to cheer along the parade as it winds along the parade route.  A king and queen preside over the festivities and one of our favorite local musicians, Howard Livingston from the Mile Marker 24 Band is the grand marshal who will be riding on the lead float.

Tonight we are planning to meet some friends at the sound check show at the Green Parrot Bar which is also a great place to watch the parade on Saturday evening.  We usually take a bus to and from the parade to avoid driving in this madness and that in itself is an event in entertainment to experience.

I will try to post some pictures soon of this years events!

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