Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Splender in the Mountains

As the leaves on the trees turn to welcome Fall and embrace the coolness in the air my senses are filled with breathtaking beauty and color everywhere.  Autumn brings with it a bounty of earthy shades of turmeric, paprika, cumin, quince, burnt orange, rusty brown and many shades of bright gold and vivid yellow. Trees, bushes, shrubs and rocky mountainsides are ablaze with a vibrant explosion of color.

Cows graze and nap in striated fields of lime green and soft brown...stacks of rolled hay piled high in giant rectangular displays sit prominently on open land...rustic logs are piled high along the roadside...rock and gravel in shades of spices are beautifully poured in piles that call out fall to me...Blue Mesa shows signs of fall all around the lakeside in golds and yellows.

September's beauty is all around and Vinotok celebration is going on in Crested Butte, Colorado complete with dancing maidens, mumming, a trial and a Grump.  This pagen fest ushers in Fall while ridding the town of negative gripes and complaints which are written and collected in decorative boxes around town, then burned in a hugh bonfire with the Grump.

The entire week leads up to this even with storytelling and an outdoor harvest feast, provided by the CB Farmer's Market this year.  It's the most fun example I found so far to recognize the change of seasons and to say goodbye to our very short yet spectacular summer season.

Wishing you abundance and grace in this beautiful season!

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